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Streams are the core component of the CoinDrip protocol. All things that are built and that will be built will be around token streams for real-time payments.
The actual Stream struct stored on the blockchain looks like this:
struct Stream<M: ManagedTypeApi> {
pub sender: ManagedAddress<M>,
pub recipient: ManagedAddress<M>,
pub payment_token: EgldOrEsdtTokenIdentifier<M>,
pub payment_nonce: u64,
pub deposit: BigUint<M>,
pub claimed_amount: BigUint<M>,
pub can_cancel: bool,
pub start_time: u64,
pub end_time: u64,
pub balances_after_cancel: Option<BalancesAfterCancel<M>>
struct BalancesAfterCancel<M: ManagedTypeApi> {
pub sender_balance: BigUint<M>,
pub recipient_balance: BigUint<M>
You can find more information in the Codebasesection.